What is a Card Registration Bonus Casino?

what is card registration bonus casino

If you are joining a casino for the first time, what you are about to read should interest you. Most casinos, or should we say every casino, has special packages for new players. One of such is the card registration bonus casino. These casinos offer huge welcome bonuses on the house that show you all the goodies to look forward to while playing at that casino. Grab a cup of coffee as you learn more.

A card registration bonus is the bonus you get when you get a new card from a casino. Usually, when you register at a new casino, you are given a new card. This card comes with this huge bonus and it is the equivalent of free spins and cashback enjoyed by regular players. Who doesn’t love to have some extra money to play with? Let’s show you how to get your bonus below:

  • Upon registering with the casino, you get free spins that don’t require deposits.
  • When you make your first deposit onto your card, you enjoy a card registration bonus.

Activating Your Bonus

You first need to log into your account. When you do, you are presented with a popup window that will tell you about all the bonuses that are available for you to access. If in any case, you have not made an initial deposit before, then you might not be able to enjoy certain bonuses fully. The only way for you to fully enjoy a bonus is to activate it.

Wagering Requirements

Most casinos give you the opportunity to separate your funds from your card registration bonus. This is a very friendly gesture since you can decide which wallet you want to play from. The advantage of this is that when you win big, you can cash out immediately instead of waiting for the wagering requirements. Many times, the wagering requirements of your bonus are quite inconvenient and farfetched. They also have to be met in 30 days.

What if You Don’t Want to Play with Your Bonus?

There are some other times when you do not want to play using your card registration bonus. This is not a very strange concept and there is usually a provision for this. Since you receive these bonuses automatically, you can choose to exclude yourself or cancel a bonus. All you need to do is go to your account and uncheck the “receive bonuses” option. The same goes for declining a bonus.

How Often do You Get Bonuses as a Regular Player?

Even though you get a card registration bonus from every casino, other bonuses may be different. As a regular eligible player at most casinos, you enjoy cashback bonuses. Each casino has a specific day when they give out such bonuses. On the other hand, free spins and other bonuses can be activated anytime. It is best to always visit the promotions and news page of your casino for this kind of information.

Why You Should Read Bonus Terms

When you get a card registration bonus, it is wise not to get too excited. Along with these bonuses, you have a list of bonus terms. It is important you read these terms carefully before accepting the bonus. We all know that no one really reads terms and conditions, but in this case, you should. If you don’t understand something, it is best you ask for clarification from the support team before accepting it.